Al Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart and Best Seats

A Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart and Best Seats is The Answer to your question – Where is the best place to sit at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre?

A Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart and Best Seats

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre is a Broadway theatre on West 45th Street in New York City. Originally opened in 1924 as the Martin Beck Theatre, it was renamed in 2003 to honor Al Hirschfeld, the legendary caricaturist. Let’s know about the Al Hirschfeld Theatre seating chart in detail.

Al Hirschfeld theatre

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre is a first-class Broadway theatre where musicals and plays are staged. It is now running Moulin Rouge! The Musical is a splendid adaptation of the 2001 film from Baz Luhrmann. the musical has a beautiful set design, and eye-catching costumes, and puts popular songs from the past and present to music. Critics and audiences have praised it, as well. It has even won ten Tony nominations.

Al Hirschfeld theatre seating chart with seat numbers

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre capacity of 1304 seats is divided into two levels: the Orchestra and the Mezzanine. The Orchestra has 647 seats; the Mezzanine has 657. You can find the seating chart on the official website of the theatre. Seats are numbered from left to right, and rows are labeled from front to back. The best places in the house are usually found in the Center Orchestra or Center Mezzanine sections, which provide a clear and full view of the stage.

But the stage has a raised platform, and some seats in the Left and Right Orchestra as well as the Mezzanine have either partial or obstructed views. There are immersive premium and Can Can Tables between the stage and catwalks, too. These seats are very near the action and may even require a bit of participation from the spectators.

Al Hirschfeld theatre Orchestra View

With 647 seats in all, the Orchestra is closest to the stage. Seats are numbered from 1 to 25, with odd numbers on the left and even ones on the right. Rows are numbered from A to T, with row A being the front row and row T being the last. The Orchestra has an aisle down the center which divides into left and right sections.

The Orchestra provides some of the best views of the stage, especially in the premium seats in the center section. But there are seats on the far sides or back rows, where the stage design or overhang of the Mezzanine may block part or all of your view. In the front row, the seats may be closer to the stage than is comfortable and require looking up or down to see what’s going on.

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The Orchestra is also home to 12 Can Can Tables, which are small round tables with two chairs each placed between the stage and the catwalk platforms. These tables form part of the immersive staging of Moulin Rouge! Now showing at the theatre is The Musical. These tables provide an original, personal contact with the show. However, they can also result in having a restricted or obscured view of some areas of the stage.

Al Hirschfeld Theatre Mezzanine View

The Mezzanine is the upper floor of the theatre. It has 657 seats altogether. Seats are numbered from 1 to 27. Odd numbers are on the left, and even numbers are on the right. The rows are numbered from A to L, with row A being the first and row L the last. There are two center aisles in the Mezzanine, which divide it into left, center, and right sections.

In the front rows of the center section, The Mezzanine provides a great all-round view of the stage. Nevertheless, seats at the far sides or in back rows may only afford a partial view because of the railing, the lighting equipment, or the distance from the stage. The seats in the front row may also have a low railing at the front, obstructing sight lines.

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At the back of The Mezzanine is a standing room for up to 20 people. Standing-room tickets are only sold after the show is sold out, and are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Standing-room offers a good view of the stage but may be uncomfortable for some.

Al Hirschfeld theatre Box seats

The Boxes are placed on each side of the Orchestra with 14 seats in each. Seats are arranged in two rows of seven, the front row being labeled A and the back row B. The seats themselves are numbered 1 to 7, with seat 1 nearest the stage and seat 7 farthest away.

Al Hirschfeld theatre seating chart - Interactive seating chart

People eager to get a close-up view of the actors will appreciate The Boxes ‘side view of the stage. But the Boxes of course have restricted or obscured views of some parts of the stage, particularly the center and opposite side. Even the rear-row seats may have less legroom.

Al Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart

Al Hirschfeld theatre tickets

If you want to see Moulin Rouge! Tickets for the Musical can be found from various sources at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. The official ticket agent is Ticketmaster. You can purchase tickets online, on the phone, or at the box office.

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Take SeatGeek, SeatPlan, and New York City Theatre as examples. The prices, availability, and fees of these websites also differ. It’s therefore a good idea to compare them before buying something. You can also check out seat reviews and pictures posted by other theatergoers to help you select the best seats for you.

Al Hirschfeld theatre seating chart view tips

  • Because the seats are raised from row to row, the Al Hirschfeld Theatre seating chart NYC has a steep rake. This gives good views for most of the seats, but it may be disorienting to some people–especially in the Mezzanine.
  • Because the theatre is so steeply raked and has no elevator, it may not be suitable for people with poor mobility. The Orchestra has some seats you can reserve in advance, but they are limited and so may be hard to get.
  • The Al Hirschfeld Theatre New York provides a coat check, but it costs $ 3 per item. Or perhaps you are better off wearing clothes in layers or carrying a small bag that fits under your seat.
  • There is a strict no-photos policy in the al hirschfeld theatre moulin rouge. Please remember to turn off your phone and camera before the show begins. If you are caught taking pictures or videos, you may be asked to leave.
  • There is also a souvenir shop in the theatre selling merchandise from Moulin Rouge! The Musical, such as posters, CDs, T-shirts, and mugs. In addition, you can purchase drinks and snacks at the bar, but you cannot bring them into the auditorium.
  • The al-Hirschfeld Theatre is located on West 45th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. Nearby are restaurants and bars, subway stations, and parking garages. For more information, please visit the theatre’s website.

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Q. where is the al hirschfeld theatre located?

A. Al Hirschfeld theatre location is 302 West 45th Street New York ny.

Q: What are the al hirschfeld theatre best seats?

A: The al-Hirschfeld theatre’s best seats are the middle seats of the premium Orchestra rows (A-E), which provide a front and clear view of the stage. The Center Mezzanine (A-C) front rows are also great, providing a bird’s eye view of the whole stage.

Q: Where are the cheapest seats in the Al Hirschfeld Theatre?

A: The Al Hirschfeld Theatre has the cheapest tickets for its rear rows of mezzanine seats (J-M). They are furthest from the stage, and some may not have good legroom or complete views. Standing room spots are also quite cheap, so long as you can get them on the day of the performance.

Q: Where can I get cheap tickets for the Al Hirschfeld Theatre?

A: By visiting such online management platforms as SeatPlan or Headout, you can buy discounted tickets for the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, with real-time seat availability and price information, user reviews, and photos. Another possible choice is the TKTS booth in Times Square, which sells same-day tickets up to 50 % off.

Q: What play is running at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre now?

A: The performance at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre is Moulin Rouge! Musical: a spectacular take on Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film. The set design is lavish, the costumes spectacular, and the jukebox score is pop hits.

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