Arizona Financial Theatre Seating Chart and Map

Arizona Financial Theatre is a famous place for live music shows in Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Financial Theatre seating capacity is 5,000 people. It has many places to sit at different price levels and choices. If you want the best spot for your next concert at Arizona Financial Theatre, this guide will help. Whether it’s a front-row seat, viewing from a balcony or just getting some free space, we’ll show you how to get the right one.

Arizona Financial Theatre

Arizona Financial Theatre seating

The way seats are arranged in the Arizona Financial Theatre changes based on what kind of event it is and how big it is. However, the general layout consists of three main sections: the music group, the middle section, and the top area. Each part has its seats and numbers, which are written on the tickets and place map. These show where you should sit.

Arizona Financial Theatre seating chart with seat numbers

The bottom level is nearest to the stage and has the best views and sound. It consists of three sections: Orchestra, Parterre, and Pit. The Orchestra area has 26 rows of seats, numbered from 1 to 26. There are 24 seats in each row, with numbers between 101 and 124. The Parterre area has ten rows of seats, numbered 1 to 10. Each row contains twenty seats numbered 201 to 220. The Arizona Financial Theatre pit area is before the stage and has four lines of chairs. They are numbered 1 to 4. Each row has 16 seats, from 301 to 316.

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The cheapest seats are often in great demand, especially for famous singers and shows that many people want to see. If you want to get a seat at this level, book your tickets fast. The normal cost for an ordinary seat is $200, yet it can change based on what’s happening and if there are enough seats left.

Mezzanine view of the theatre

The mezzanine floor is the second level of a theatre. It’s great because it offers good value for money and a nice view. It consists of two sections: Mezzanine and Boxes. The Mezzanine section has 12 lines of chairs, numbered from 1 to 12. Each line has 24 seats, numbered from 401 to 424. The Boxes area has 8 rows of chairs, labeled from one to eight. Each row has 4 seats and they are numbered from 501 to 504.

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The mezzanine level seats cost less than the lower-level seats but still give a good look at the stage and performers. The usual cost for a mezzanine level seat is $100, but it can change based on the show and how many are left.

Upper-level view of the Theatre

The top level is the third and highest part of a theatre. It has the cheapest tickets and views from far away. It consists of two sections: the Balcony and Gallery. The Arizona Financial Theatre balcony view area has 14 rows of seats, ranging from one to fourteen. There are 24 seats in each row, numbered from 601 to 624. The seats in the Gallery area have eight rows. They are numbered 1 to 8. Each row has 20 seats, which go from seat number 701 to seat number 720.

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The high-up seats are great for money-saving concert attendees who don’t mind being far away from the stage and musicians. The normal cost for a top-level seat is $50, but it can change based on the event and how many seats are left.

Arizona Financial Theatre seating map

If you need to check the way seats are set and how many are left for a special event, use the online seating map from the theatre’s site or other ticketing companies. The seating chart lets you zoom in and out, sift by cost and area, and then check what can be seen from every seat. You can also check prices and choices on different websites, and then find the best price for your favorite spot.

arizona financial theatre seating chart

Best seats at Arizona Financial Theatre

  • When you’re near the stage, it’s easier to see and hear better. However, the chairs in the first rows of the orchestra section could have a restricted view of the stage because of how tall the performers are or if there is equipment in front. So, the best spots are often in the middle rows of the orchestra section, especially close to the center part.
  • The spots in the mezzanine and balcony parts cost less than the places in the orchestra part. However, they also offer a more distant and raised view of what’s on stage. But, the chairs in the first row of the mezzanine and balcony parts may have a better look than the back seats in the orchestra section. This depends on the stage angle and design setup. So, the best seats often are in the first rows at the mezzanine and balcony areas. They are especially good in the center parts.
  • The seats in the left and right parts of each area might not see the stage well, because of where they are sitting or how their seat is facing. This can change what you see on stage. So, the best spots are often in the middle part of each section or as near to the center as you can get.

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Arizona financial theatre rules

  • Get there on time to stay away from traffic and parking problems. The playhouse is found in the city center of Phoenix, which can be crowded during busy times. The theatre has a parking garage of its own. It costs $15 per car to park there, but it can get full fast. You can also park at nearby lots or use public transport or ride-sharing services.
  • Before you go, make sure to look at the rules and limits of the theatre. The theatre has a rule that you can’t smoke and won’t let in food or drinks from outside, backpacks, big bags, cameras, or things to record what happens. You can take a small bag or handbag, but it will be checked when you go in. You can get food and drinks at the theatre’s snack shops, but they can cost a lot.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the weather outside. Also, make sure your clothes match what is needed at the event. The inside of the theatre has air conditioning, but it can feel hot or chilly depending on what time of year it is and how many people are there. You can wear casual or fancy clothes based on the event and your taste. But, remember not to wear anything that could block the view of other people like hats, masks, or costumes.
  • Enjoy yourself and remember to be polite with other people at the concert. The theatre is a good place to listen to live music and have fun. But, it’s also where many other people come who want different things. You can sing, dance, clap, or cheer but remember not to be very noisy, impolite, or causing trouble. You can also use your phone to take photos or videos but don’t use the flash and keep it below your head. Most importantly, remember to give your usher, bartender, or server a tip if they do good work for you.

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Arizona Financial Theatre is a nice place for music shows. It has many ways to sit down and costs different amounts depending on likes and money amount. If you like seats close, wide views, or flexible ones, Arizona Financial Theatre is the place to find the best seat for your next music show. To find the seats and future shows, you can go to the main website of the theatre.


Where is the Arizona Financial Theatre Situated?

The Financial Theatre in Arizona is at 400 W Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85031.

How can I get tickets for the shows at the Arizona Money Theatre?

You can buy tickets from the venue’s website or other big sellers like Ticketmaster. You can also get tickets at the box office. It opens on weekdays from 10 in the morning to 5 at night and on event days until movie time.

What kind of seats are there at the Arizona Financial Theatre?

The Arizona Financial Theatre can hold 5,000 people. It has different seat choices like saved places, normal entry floors, and special VIP boxes for folks. The seat layout for every event might change based on the setup and space. You can look at the seating plan for your event on the venue’s website or on where you bought your ticket.

What kind of parking space is available near the Arizona Financial Theatre?

There are some car spots and buildings close to the Arizona Financial Theatre. These include places like Jefferson Street Garage, Adams Street Garage, and Wells Fargo Garage. The cost of parking might change based on the event and where it is happening. For more details about where to park, check the venue’s website or the Downtown Phoenix site.

What are the rules and laws at the Arizona Financial Theatre?

The Arizona Financial Theatre has some rules and policies to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests, such as:

You can’t bring any food or drinks from outside into the place.
Only small bags and no weapons are allowed inside the place. All bags will be checked.
No cameras, videos, or audio recorders are allowed at the event unless otherwise said by the organizers.

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