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Beacon Theater Seating Chart is the first thing you should check before booking ticket in beacon theater. The Beacon Theater located in New York has three levels of seating that are Orchestra, Loge/Lower Balcony, and Upper Balcony. On the upper side of New York City, a historic venue is located named The Beacon Theatre that hosts various types of Concerts, Comedy shows, and many more.

So, if you are willing to watch a show at the Beacon Theatre you must be wondering about the Beacon Theatre seating chart views from my seat. So, do not worry we are here to tell you about Beacon Theatre’s detailed seating chart.

Beacon theatre seating chart detailed

So basically, there are three levels of seating arrangement in the theatre that are Orchestra, Loge/Lower Balcony, and Upper Balcony. The Beacon Theatre’s seating capacity is approximately 2800 seats. We will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of Beacon Theatre seating charts with seat numbers. So, let’s get started:

1. Beacon Theatre orchestra seating chart

At the Beacon Theatre, the orchestra seating level is very close to the stage and has the perfect view of the performers. Due to its view, the Orchestra level has limited seats and is very expensive. The orchestra level has a total of 18 rows that are numbered from AA to RR and is divided into three sections that are Left, Right, and Centre.

Beacon theatre seating chart with seat numbers

The rows in the center section are from AA to DD and A to Z, whereas the left and right sections have rows from H to Y. The Left side has odd seat numbers whereas the right side has even seat numbers. The Beacon Theatre’s best seats are in the center section after seeing Beacon Theater Seating Chart.

Beacon Theatre seating chart view


The Orchestra seating level is perfect for people who want to feel the energy and excitement of the show. Some disadvantages should also be considered. If the artist moves around while performing, the view of the stage from some side seats may be partial or obstructed. Due to the soundboard, some seats in the center sections from rows S to Y can be blocked.

2. Beacon Theatre Loge view

The middle level of the Beacon Theatre is the Loge/Lower Balcony level it is the best combination of view and price. It is a little higher than the orchestra level and has more legroom. A total of 7 rows are in the Loge/Lower Balcony level that are numbered from A to G and it also has an extra row in the left loge that is numbered as K.

The Loge/Lower Balcony level has the same pattern of seat numbers as the Orchestra seating which is odd numbers on the left side and even numbers on the right side. Compared to the right and left sections center section has the best seats after seeing Beacon Theater Seating Chart.

The Loge/Lower Balcony seating level is perfect for people who want to have a clear and balanced vision of the stage. Compared to orchestra seats in the Loge/Lower Balcony seats there is more space and is more comfortable for the legroom. The beacon theatre seating chart obstructed view of the Loge seating level is that it is covered by the lower balcony overhang which impacts the visibility and also affects the quality of the sound. Loge seats are considered premium seats because it is more expensive than Orchestra seats.

3. Beacon theatre seating chart upper balcony

The highest, cheapest, and far from the stage level of the seating chart for beacon theater ny is the Balcony seating. Its view is also the worst. A total of 9 rows are in the Balcony seating numbered from A to J and the seats are numbered from 1 to 101.

The Balcony level has the same pattern of seat numbers as the Orchestra seating and Loge seating which are odd numbers on the left side and even numbers on the right side. Compared to the right and left sections center section has the best seats.

The Balcony seating is perfect for people who are not worried about the budget and who do not care about being away from the stage.  The most interesting part about the balcony seats is there is not much crowd and is quieter compared to lower levels and is also far from the speakers.

Some of the disadvantages are the layout of the seats on the balcony level are straight and small which can be claustrophobic for some people. And if you are going to watch a long event then the seats on the balcony level can be uncomfortable due to less legroom.

How to choose the Beacon Theatre’s best seats?

Following are the tips that can help you choose the best seats at the Beacon Theatre before the event:

  • Depending on the events there are different types of seating arrangements and stage setups are done. Here are some examples, some events have general seating arrangements where anybody can sit or stand anywhere in the orchestra level. So, it is better to check the Beacon Theater Seating Chart of the specific event on the Ark Theatre.
  • Always compare the prices of different levels, sections, and rows and choose the one that fits into your budget. Remember that seats are more expensive, which are closer to the stage. You can also check on different websites for great deals and discounts.
  • All people have different expectations and preferences when they go to watch an event, some people like to sit near the stage, while others must sit in a place from where they can see the entire stage. Some people like to sit in the front so that they do not have any obstruction while watching the performance, while some people like to sit at the very back so that they can stay away from the crowd.
  • To check the seat views, ratings, and price of the specific event in Beacon Theatre you can use some online tools like SeatGeek or TickPick.
  • To get the best seat at the Beacon Theatre don’t forget to check the online reviews and feedback of the people who have already attended the events plus the Beacon Theater NYC seating chart before going for any event or show.
  • Sometimes there are seat upgrades and changes available for the event so it is better to arrive early to check all of it like the seating chart for Beacon Theater.

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Here are some of the Upcoming events listed at the Beacon Theatre:

  1. Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld is a famous actor and legendary comedian and will perform his stand-up comedy on the 8th and 9th March 2024 at the Beacon Theatre. He is popular for his on-time humor and hit sitcom Seinfeld. You will surely enjoy his witty jokes and stories. So don’t miss his live on-stage performance at Beacon Theatre and book your tickets now.
  2. Jon Batiste: The bandleader of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the precious Grammy-winning musician Jon Batiste is going to perform on the 19th of March 2024 at the Beacon Theatre. He plays different types of instruments and creates different types of music like Jazz, funk, Pop, and classical. A song like We Are, which celebrates his roots and influences which are from his latest albums will be performed by him on the 9th of March 2024. So, if Jon Batiste is your favorite Musician and you don’t want to miss his live performance then book your tickets now for his show at the Beacon Theatre.
  3. Anthony Jeselnik: On 23rd March 2024 the famous comedian and writer is going to perform at the Beacon Theatre. He is best known for his Netflix shows Thoughts & Prayers and Fire in the Maternity Ward, as well as the controversial comedy specials. If you are ready to witness Anthony Jeselnik’s twisted and hilarious punchlines then book your tickets now for the comedy night that will make you laugh out loud.

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Beacon Theatre Address

2124 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, USA


If you are in New York City or going on a vacation there then you have to visit the Beacon Theatre and witness the events, shows, and concerts. To choose the best seat for you, you must know how to read the Beacon Theater New York Seating Chart. According to your needs and budget, you will get all types of seats at the Beacon Theatre.

We hope the article we have provided you Beacon Theater seating chart with seat numbers on how to choose your seats, the advantages and disadvantages of all levels, and the information about some upcoming events will help you to enjoy your event at the Beacon Theatre.

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