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One of New York’s oldest and most popular theatres is the Broadhurst Theatre, which opened in 1917 and has hosted many memorable plays and musical concerts. If you are also planning to go to this theatre to watch a play, music concert, or any show, then you need to know what the Broadhurst Theatre seating chart view will be, Broadhurst Theatre address, Broadhurst Theatre phone numbers, and a lot more. So let us know how the Broadhurst Theatre seating chart view from my seat will be.

Broadhurst Theatre seating chart View From My Seat

Broadhurst Theatre NYC Seating Chart sections

This theatre has a seating capacity of 1150 people and is divided into two levels, one is the orchestra level and the other is the mezzanine level. The orchestra level has a total of 709 seats while the mezzanine level has a total of 441 seats. The Broadhurst Theatre also has 24 box seats available and 32 standing-room seats, so you can comfortably enjoy the event while standing. Let us know in detail about all these different levels.

Broadhurst Theatre Seating Chart Orchestra View

The largest in the Broadhurst Theatre seating chart is the Orchestra Level, with 733 seats in row 22, ranging from AA to T, this section is also closest to the stage. The orchestra level is divided into three sections which are right, left, and center orchestra level. The best seat in Broadhurst Theatre at the orchestra level is the middle section of the orchestra which is the most expensive and also has the best view of the stage, especially in rows D to D.

Broadhurst Theatre seating Chart

We would not recommend the front-row seats AA at all as they are very close to the stage and may cause neck pain. If you want, you can sit in the left or right orchestra section, but the view is not so good, for some shows this section can be a good option.

The Orchestra level also has wheelchair-accessible seats in K, O, and Q rows, and five corner transfer seats in J, O, R, and S rows are also available for people with disabilities.

Broadhurst Theatre Mezzanine view

The upper level of the theatre is called the mezzanine level, which has a total of 12 rows and 429 seats from A to L. Like the orchestra level, the mezzanine is also divided into three sections: left, right, and center. The last two rows of the mezzanine, K and L, have the worst seats in the theatre because they have less legroom and are far away from the stage. You can get a good view from the left or right mezzanine, but there may be problems due to the angle and distance.

To reach the mezzanine level one has to climb stairs, hence there are no seats made there for people with wheelchairs. But in B, F, G, H, and K rows, 8 corner seats are transferable. To reach there easily, there are handles at the end of each row which you can hold on to.

Broadhurst Theatre Box Seats

Box seats consist of 12 seats, located on the sides of the Broadhurst Theatre, numbers 1 to 12. Box seats are above the orchestra level. Box seats are cheaper than orchestra-level and mezzanine-level seats because the view of the stage is further away from there. However, the view of some box seats may also be impaired due to the railing and speakers. We don’t recommend box seats for people who need a full, clear view of the event, but box seats are perfect for people who need more privacy.

Because the box seats are above the orchestra level, there is no space for people in wheelchairs to sit there.

Broadhurst Theatre Seating Chart Standing Room

In standing-room seats, we have to stand and watch the entire show, but from there the view of the stage is visible clearly. From numbers 101 to 116, there are 16 standing-room seats in each corner of the theatre. The Broadhurst Theatre Box Office, which means standing-room seats are only available when all shows are sold out and the lowest rate was $27 in 2023.

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Standing room seats are located behind the Orchestra Level T row. We do not recommend standing-room seats for people who have back problems or low stamina, but this is a perfect option for those who want to watch a famous event but on a low budget. Standing room seats are located at the same level as the orchestra, so they are also accessible to people in wheelchairs.

List of Upcoming events at Broadhurst Theatre New York NYC

The show currently running at the Broadhurst Theatre is by Neil Diamond, singer of Sweet Caroline, I’m I Said, America, and A Beautiful Noise. A Beautiful Noise Broadhurst Theatre stars Tony Award winner Steven Pascual as Neil Diamond with an ensemble cast of singers, dancers, and musicians. Broadhurst Theatre A Beautiful Noise is directed by the creator of hit musicals such as Spring Awakening, American Idiot, Hedwig, and the Angry Inch Michael Mayer. The popular show runs every Tuesday to Sunday. It has been running since November 2023 and Will run till June 2024.

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The show, which will open at the Brodhurst Theatre in July 2024, will be To Kill a Mockingbird, based on the novel Aaron Sorkin by Harper Lee. In this show, Jeff Daniels will play the role of Atticus Finch, Celia Keenan Bolger will play the role of Scout, and Will Pullen will play the role of Jem. Broadhurst Theatre’s upcoming new show is directed by Bartlett Sher.

Restaurants near Broadhurst theatre are:

  1. Scott’s Pizza Tours: This famous food tour opens 24 hours.
  2. Non-Solo Piada: It is a famous Italian restaurant.
  3. Royal Grill Halal Food: The Halal’s here have been serving for many years.
  4. Manhattan Walking Tour: This restaurant is situated on the Avenue of the Americas in New York.
  5. The French Quarters Guest Apartments: It is a famous hotel with a restaurant in it near the Broadhurst theatre.
  6. Michael Patlazhan: This restaurant is run by personal chefs.

Broadhurst Theatre seating review

Following are the Broadhurst Theatre virtual seating tips for those who are planning to visit the Broadhurst Theatre on Broadway:

  • Due to the security check and the entry is banned for the peoples who comes late to the Broadhurst theatre shows you have to visit the theatre half an hour before the event starts.
  • It is compulsory to bring a valid ID proof and the tickets or an email confirmation of the tickets because it has to be shown at the entrance.
  • You should not carry bags that are large in size, or any type of luggage because there is no facility for checking these bags in the theatre. If you want to bring them then bring them at your own risk because you may have to leave them outside the Broadhurst theatre.
  • Sometimes, the temperature of the theatre is cold so, it is advisable to bring warm clothes or a blanket with you. And you should also dress up according to the theatre’s temperature.
  • You cannot take photographs, make any videos, or do any audio recording because it is restricted during the event and you should also have to switch off your mobile phone or keep it on silent mode so that it cannot interrupt the performance.
  • Stay till the end of the performance because sometimes there could be a good message delivered by the cast at the end of the event.

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We hope our Broadhurst Theatre seating plan will help you the next time you plan a visit to the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City. Don’t forget to book your Broadhurst theatre tickets before going to attend an event. There are also so many restaurants near Broadhurst theatre so you can also enjoy your meal while returning from the show. If you are new in New York City then you can also stay in the hotels near Broadhurst theatre.


Where is the Broadhurst Theatre in NYC?

The Broadhurst Theatre is the Broadway in NYC.

What is the Broadhurst Theatre address?

The address is Broadhurst Theatre 235 West 44th Street New York.

what is playing at the Broadhurst Theatre?

Broadhurst theatre current show playing is A beautiful noise.

Name the best restaurants near Broadhurst Theatre.

The best restaurant near Broadhurst Theatre is Famous Famiglia.

Is Broadhurst theatre parking facility available?

Yes, the parking facility is available in Broadhurst theatre.

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