Fox Theatre Seating Chart 2023

Fox Theatre seating chart

The Fox Theatre is a popular live entertainment place in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a historical Landmark There are different types of seating options for various events and 4,665 guests can be adjusted in the theatre. If you are willing to watch any comedy show, a movie, or a concert it is important to know which seat will be good for you to enjoy the show. Here we are providing you with some details of the Fox Theatre seating chart so that you can visit there mostly.

Fox Theatre Seating Chart
Fox Theatre Seating Chart

Overview of The Fox Theatre seating chart:

There are three main levels in the Fox Theatre seating charts. The first level is the Orchestra level, the second is the Loge level, and the third one is the balcony level. Depending on which type of event are you going to watch, what is its price, and what is the view of the show from your seat? Different levels have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check out them in brief:

  1. The Orchestra Level:

From the orchestra level, you can see the best view of the show because it is the closest seat to the stage. The orchestra level is divided into three sections which are left, right, and centre orchestra. There is also a special section which is called Pit section it can be added or removed according to the event and it is directly in front of the stage.

There are some disadvantages of the orchestra level seats like it is very expensive and very demanding, especially the center seats. The seats are also very close to the speakers, can’t get to see enough view of the upper part of the stage, and the angle of the stage is also low.

  1. The Loge Level:

Fox theatre loge seating chart is divided into three sections that are left, center, and right loge, and is located beyond the orchestra level. It is more affordable than the orchestra seats and also has a good view of the stage and the show. The Loge level seats are good for people who want to have a better view of both the stage and the theatre also it is far from the speakers and the crowds.

Some disadvantages of the loge seats are it is far from the stage, and due to the railing and balcony, the view of the stage is fractional and has an acute angle of the stage.

  1. The Balcony Level:

Like the other two levels, the balcony level is also divided into three sections: left, right, and center balcony and it is beyond the Loge level seats. Balcony-level seats are the cheapest and always available, but they provide the worst view of the stage and performers. Balcony-level seats are good for those people who do not care about the view and do not have a high budget, who come just to see the theatre.

Some of the disadvantages of the Balcony seats are they are very uncomfortable and limited seats, it is too far and high from the stage, can’t listen to the sound properly. The view is also very restricted.

Fox Theatre Atlanta seating chart with numbers

Here is the common layout of the theatre which can also vary depending on the show and the layout of the Fox Theatre:


  1. Fox Theatre orchestra seating chart:

There are 28 rows numbered from AA to Z and A1 to A4. As mentioned above it has three sections left, right, and center orchestra. So, there are 27 seats each on the left and right orchestra which is numbered from 1 to 27. Odd number seats are on the left side and Even number seats are on the right side of the orchestra.

36 seats are available in the center orchestra which are numbered from 101 to 136. When the Pit section is available it has 10 rows with 36 seats which are numbered from AAA to JJJ and 101 to 136. If you want the best seat and a clear and close view of the stage at the orchestra level then you can go for the center orchestra seats that to in rows E to M.

  1. Fox Theatre Loge seating chart:

As mentioned above loge level has three sections Left, Right, and centre Loge, and has 7 rows numbered from A to G. There are 15 seats each numbered from 1 to 15 in the left and Right Loge sections. The odd numbers are on the left side and the even numbers are on the right side of the loge level sections.

Numbered from 101 to 136 there are 36 seats in the center Loge section which has lower numbers on the left side and higher numbers on the right side. If you want a nice and good view of the stage then center loge seats in A to C rows are the best seats for you. And the worst seats are the corner seats of the Left Loge and Right Loge sections.

  1. Fox Theatre balcony seating chart:

Numbered from A to S there are 19 rows on the Balcony level with Left, Right, and Center balconies. Starting Numbers from 1 to 27 there are 27 seats each on the right and left balcony same as mentioned above odd numbers on the left balcony and even numbers on the right balcony. Numbering from 101 to 136 there are 36 seats in the center balcony section.

If you are willing to have the best seat on the balcony level then you must consider the center balcony seats in rows A to D because it has a civilized and uninterrupted view of the stage. The far corners of the left balcony and right balcony sections are the worst seats and the seats of the last rows of each section are also the worst because it has a far view of the stage.


How to choose the right Fox Theatre Seating

Following are the suggestions that can help you choose a suitable seat for you and enjoy the show at the Fox Theatre:

  • Before buying the tickets, it is very important to check the seating arrangements of the events or movies you are going to watch in the Fox Theatre because it can also have some special effects that can ruin your view and experience.
  • In different levels and sections, it is important to compare the prices before booking your seats Maybe there is a discount on the seat you want to take or there is some other offer going on so that you can get it at a cheaper price.
  • You must check out the virtual view of the theatre and the seating arrangement from different angles by using the 360-seat map or the 3D seating chart2.
  • Do not book the seats that are tagged as locked, narrow, and have an incomplete view due to many reasons such as the railing and the balcony overhang in the middle, the sound of the speaker, the equipment on the stage, etc.
  • If you want seats that are more comfortable and accessible then you can choose the seats in the front row, aisle seats, and seats that are near the rest restroom because they have more space. Mentioned seat can also have the wrong view of the stage so don’t forget to check it properly.
  • If in the theatre your priority is the sound of the show then you should book the seats in the center Orchestra and Mezzanine sections because you can hear the best sound there.
  • If you are going as a couple and want some privacy then you can choose the box seats, the mezzanine seat, or the upper row seats of each section because it is more comfortable and solitude. Also don’t forget to check the view of the stage from these seats.
  • If you are an extrovert person then you can book the Pit or Orchestra seats because it has more involvement and participation there. Again, don’t forget to check out the view of the stage from the seat you are going to book.

fox theater spokane seating chart fox theatre atlanta seating chart fox theatre seating chart view from my seat

If you are going to visit the Fox Theatre seating chart for the first time then you should go early so that you can explore the theatre. There are many things to explore in the theatre such as its grand lobby, the dressing room of the stars, the Spanish room, and the terrace. So the next time you are planning to visit the Fox Theatre Atlanta don’t forget to check the seating chart for the wonderful experience of the event, show, or movie you are going to watch in the Fox Theatre.


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