Greek Theatre Seating Chart & Map Los Angeles

Since 1929 In Los Angeles, the most famous place known as the Greek Theatre has hosted different shows and events. In the hills of Griffith Park this famous theatre is located with a spectacular view of the city and the stars. There are different sections of seats in the Greek Theatre Los Angeles seating chart with seat numbers 5,870. But the question arises: how will you choose the best seat for yourself? So, we have provided a detailed seating chart of the Greek theatre Los Angeles.

The Greek Theatre seating chart

Different sections of the Greek theatre seating chart

The Greek theatre seating chart view is different from different sections and the Greek theatre seating chart view from my seat will also differ. We will give all the information about the different sections below. Some of the seat sections are the Pit, Terrace, Section A and Section B, Box seats, and benches seating.

The Greek Theatre seating chart of the Pit

If you want to enjoy your favorite show sitting in the section closest to the stage, then choose a seat in the pit section. This includes the Greek theatre seating chart Row that is 14. This section is the most expensive and demandable.

While buying a seat, keep in mind that the pit section is not very high, hence your view of the stage may be obstructed if a tall person is sitting in front of you or a person performing on the stage is moving around, and if you want to enjoy your show with peace and comfort then you should not take a seat in the pit section because it is a very noisy and crowded section.

Greek Theatre terrace seating detail seats chart

The area behind the pit and the second closest to the stage is the terrace section. The Greek Theater seating chart numbers from A to P, with 26 rows of seats in the terrane section. The terrace is slightly higher than the pit, so you will get a better view of the stage from there. Despite being close to the stage, the terrace is cheaper than the pit. The terrace section is a good option for those who want to enjoy the show without spending much but with a good view.

The Greek Theatre Seating Chart Section A and B

The theater has two side sections which are located on the right and left of the stage, which are called sections A and B. It has 25 rows of seats which are numbered from 1 to 25. If you are looking for cheap and less crowded seats then you can take them in sections A and B.

It is a little far from the stage but still, the view of the show is good because the seats in these sections are slightly inclined towards the stage. The seat closest to the center aisle is the best seat in this section as it has more legroom and fewer obstructions.

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How to Buy Tickets at the Greek Theatre Los Angeles

If you are willing to watch an event at the Greek Theatre seating chart LA then you can check out their official site to buy the tickets. To see the availability of the seats and the layout of the theatre you can check the Greek Theatre la detailed seating chart. The price of the seat tickets will be different according to the show, the date of the event, the row, and the section you will choose. Normally, the ticket starts selling months before the show. So, it is advisable that as soon as possible buy your tickets before all the tickets are sold out of your favourite artist.

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Expectations from the Greek Theatre

Before visiting the beautiful and famous Greek Theatre which is an unforgettable experience for an event lover you should know some important things. Here are some of them:

  • Whenever you go to the Greek Theatre, be sure to take a jacket or sheet with you as it is an outdoor venue and it can get cold at night. If you want, you can also rent cushions for $1 to make your seat comfortable.
  • You cannot smoke anywhere in the Greek Theater such as the washroom, lobby, or parking area as it is strictly prohibited.
  • A full-service restaurant as well as a variety of food and drink options are available in the Greek Theatre. If you want, you can bring your food from outside, the only condition is that it should be in a plastic container and should not contain alcohol and you cannot bring things like glass bottles, or cans.
  • There is very limited parking at The Greek Theatre so you can either arrive early, take public transportation, or park your car near Griffith Park or the Los Angeles Zoo and come walking to the theatre. They cost $25 to park your car.
  • You can also enjoy VIP seats in The Greek Theatre’s Star Lounge where you will get separate seating areas, a private toilet, and free food and drinks. There you may also get a chance to meet your favorite artist. But Star Lounge tickets are not sold along with regular tickets and are limited tickets only.
  • Many famous and talented artists from the world have performed in the Greek Theatre. You will find shows as per your choice and budget like rock pop jazz or classical music. Therefore, do not forget to choose the best seat for yourself so that you can enjoy the show properly.

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List of the Upcoming events at the Greek Theatre Los Angeles

Here are some of the upcoming event dates that are going to be held at the Greek Theatre Los Angeles:

  • Peter Frampton: On April 13, 2024, the legendary rock musician Peter Frampton is going to perform his classic songs like Never Ever Say Never.
  • Jacob Collier: A Grammy-winning and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier is going to perform his new album songs on May 20, 2024, and he will also collaborate with the New Zealand singers.
  • Cody Jinks: The Texas-based artists will perform a country rock concert on 2nd June 2024 and will also collaborate with the southern rock band.
  • The Teskey Brothers – By the Australian brand Allen Stone and Joseph will perform on 5th June 2024.
  • Madison Beer: A pop debut album by a rising star is going to happen on 13th June 2024.


Where is the Greek Theatre situated?

The Greek Theatre Los Angeles and the Greek Theatre Berkely are situated in California.

Name the sections of the Greek Theatre Los Angeles seating chart with seat numbers.

The sections are the Pit with 14 rows and the Terrance numbered from A to P, and Section A and Section B numbered from 1 to 25.

Where can you find the detailed seating chart of Greek Theatre Los Angeles?

You can find it on the Greek Theatre’s official site or at ARK Theatres.

Greek theatre seating chart terrace has how many rows of seats?

The Greek theatre seating chart terrace has 25 rows.

Is it compulsory to check the seating chart at the Greek theatre?

No, it is not necessary but a seating chart makes it easy to find the best seat for you.

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