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Majestic Theatre seating chart has the capacity of seating 1593 people which is situated in New York. Thirteen thousand shows are performed and still going there. The Majestic Theatre is one of the biggest and most fun music places on Broadway. It has The Phantom of the Opera, which is the longest show in history. The Majestic Theatre capacity is of seating 1,593 people. It gives different views and costs to those who want to watch plays. In this article, we will look at the chart for seats in the Majestic Theatre and help you pick the best seats at the Majestic Theatre that fit your budget and likes.

Majestic Theatre

History of the Majestic Theatre

The Chanin Brothers, big property owners, built the Majestic Theatre in 1927 as part of a three-theatre group with two other venues called Theatre Masque and Royale Theatre. Herbert J. Krapp, a famous architect who made many Broadway theatres at the start of the 20th century, designed the Majestic Theatre. The Majestic Theatre has a fancy style with big rooms. It has a large room for shows, lots of seats and ceilings with drawings in the sky of clouds and cute angels.

The Majestic Theatre has had lots of famous shows and actors over its time. Some examples are John Gielgud, Cary Grant, Julie Andrews, and Robert Preston, among others. Some big shows that have been at Majestic Theatre include Carousel, South Pacific, Camelot, Fiddler on the Roof, and A Little Night Music. Since 1988, The Phantom of the Opera has been on at the Majestic Theatre. It’s now the longest-running show ever on Broadway, with over 13,000 shows performed and still going.

Majestic Theatre seating chart Overview

The Majestic Theatre seating chart consists of three main sections: The Orchestra, the Upper-Level Seats, and the Rear Mezzanine. There are also a few Box seats on both sides of the Orchestra area. Every part has its good and bad points, based on the sight, cost, and comfort.  Here is a summary of each part and some advice on how to pick the best spots.

Orchestra view of the Theatre Majestic

The Orchestra is the biggest part near the stage, with 854 seats in all. The Orchestra is divided into three subsections: Center, Left, and Right. The main orchestra has 26 rows, from AA to X. The seats have numbers from 101 to 114 going left and then right. The Left Orchestra has 24 rows. From A to X, they skip I and J. The seats number from odd 1 to 27, moving right to left. The Right Orchestra has 24 rows, starting from A and ending at X but skipping I and J. Seats are in even numbers from 2 to 28 going left to right.

Majestic theatre seating chart with seat numbers view from seat

Majestic Theatre seating chart NYC

majestic theatre seating map

The Orchestra is a good place to watch the stage. You get the best view from the middle rows because you can see the actors’ faces and small details of costumes and sets more clearly. But the Orchestra also has some downsides. One of these is that part of it is blocked by the Front Mezzanine, which starts at row H and affects what people in the last rows can see on stage. Also, the seats on the far sides of the Orchestra might have a limited or strange view of the stage. This can happen especially for shows that need many props and tricks like The Phantom of the Opera. The seats in the Orchestra part of the theatre are also costly. They can be from $79 to $225.

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Front Mezzanine view of Theatre Majestic

The Front Mezzanine is the first of the two places to sit higher up in a theatre. There are 291 seats there altogether. The Front Mezzanine is divided into three subsections: Center, Left, and Right. The Front Mezzanine has 10 rows, from A to J. The seats are numbered from 101 to 114, going left and right. In the Left Front Mezzanine, there are 10 rows from A to J. The seat numbers are odd and go from 1 to 27. They start on the right side and end on the left side. The Right Front Mezzanine has 10 rows. The seats are in even numbers, from 2 to 28. They go left to right.

The middle seats in the Front Mezzanine give a great view of the stage. You can see everything without anything blocking your sight. It’s very broad too! The Front Mezzanine is great for shows with big spectacles and special effects, like The Phantom of the Opera. That way you can see all the lighting, sound, and fireworks up close. The Front Mezzanine seats are also cheaper than the Orchestra seats, starting from $69 to going up to $175.

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Rear Mezzanine view of the Theatre

The Back Balcony is the second and biggest area of the theatre. It has 436 seats in total. The Rear Mezzanine is divided into four subsections: Left, Right and Left Center and Right Center. The Back Middle Floor has 12 levels, from A to L. The seats are numbers 101 to 114 and go left then right. The Back Side Mezzanine area has 12 groups.

They mark them from A to L and the chairs are number 1, 3, 5. and so on up to row number twenty-seven, which moves from right side to left side. On the Backside Upper Level, there are 12 rows from A to L. The seats come in even numbers from 2 to 28 moving left and right. The Left Center and Right Center Rear Mezzanine are small areas between the middle and left or right back part of the mezzanine. There are 12 rows, from A to L. The seats go from number 201 to 214 and move left then right.

The Back Balcony gives a far-off but easy view of the stage, especially from middle seats. Here you can still watch the main action and the whole show easily. The Back Mezzanine is also the lowest-cost area in the theatre. Ticket prices there are between $29 and $99. But the Back Mezzanine also has some bad points. These include its steep stairs, low ceiling, and little space to move your legs. Also, it is hard to see close-up details of actors or stage props well here. The Back Mezzanine seats are not good for those with trouble moving, dizziness, or poor eyesight.

majestic theatre box seats

The Box Seats are little areas on both sides of the Orchestra, above where the aisle seats go. Each side has four Box Seats with four seats in every Box. The Box Seats have numbers from 1 to 4, going from the front to the back.

The Box Seats give a special and close-up view of the stage because you’re near to the actors. You can see their faces and actions. The Box Seat tickets are also not too expensive. They cost from $49 to $99. But the Box Seats also have some problems. For example, they might not give a full view of what’s happening on stage based on where you sit and what show is going on. The Box Seats aren’t very comfy. They have low chairs with no armrests and not much space for your legs. The Box Seats are not good for those who want a complete look at the stage or have trouble moving around.

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Majestic Theatre Events 2023 tickets Retford

If you want cheap Majestic Theatre tickets, there are many ways to save money and have a good time. Following are the options you must try:

  • Use websites like Seat Geek, Seat Plan, or Head Out to check ticket prices, read past seat reviews, and look at pictures. Find the best discounts for Majestic Theatre tickets these places have.
  • Go to the main website of the show you want to watch, like The Phantom of the Opera. Look for any sales or deals they might have as well as chances to win lottery tickets.
  • Go to the TKTS booth in Times Square and buy same-day or next-day tickets for 50% less than the normal price. The TKTS booth is open every day from 10 in the morning to 8 at night (or it closes at 7 on Sundays).
  • Get the rush or standing-room tickets. They are sold at the Majestic Theatre box office hours on the day of the show usually for $25 to $40. The quick and standing-room tickets might not be available all the time. You could have a bad view or no seat at all.
  • Join Broadway Box or Playbill Club, where you can get special savings, offers, and information for majestic theatre Broadway shows at the Majestic Theatre. This includes discounts on show tickets.

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The Majestic Theatre making history again with grand reopening


So This was all about Majestic Theatre seating chart. The Majestic Theatre is an old and famous place that has put on some amazing shows on Broadway for a long time. If you like The Phantom of the Opera or want to see a new musical, Majestic Theatre has options for everyone. With this cutler majestic theatre seating chart, you can find the best majestic theatre view from seat according to your money and likes, and have a fun theatre adventure. Happy viewing!

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