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Before Booking tickets in Starlight Theatre for any show, it’s better to check the Starlight Theatre Seating Chart.

Starlight Theatre Kansas City – Starlight Theatre is a fun place to see shows in Kansas City, Missouri. It holds Broadway shows, music concerts, funny plays, and more for families every year. If you want to go to Starlight Theatre, you may be wondering about the best seats and how to find them. This article will give you a quick look at the seats and some advice on picking your spots.

starlight theatre seating chart

Starlight Theatre capacity of seats is around 8,000 people. This makes it one of the biggest outdoor places for shows in our country. The seating is divided into three main sections: The Orchestra, The Plaza, and The Terrace. Each part has its own rows and seat numbers.

The Orchestra section is the nearest to the stage and has the best looks. There are 20 lines with letters from A to T. Each line has 40 spots numbered from 1 to 40. The chairs are set up in a curved shape, like half of a circle. The middle ones are the best to sit in. The Orchestra area also has a few seats for wheelchairs in rows A, B, and T.

The Plaza area is the middle part and offers nice sights of the stage. It has 18 lines labeled from 1 to 18. Each line has 40 seats, numbered from 1 to 40. The seats are set up in a straight row, side by side with the stage. The Plaza area also has some seats for wheelchair users in rows 1 and 18.

The Terrace area is the most distant from the stage and has tickets that cost the least. It has 18 rows that go from 1-18 and each row has seats for 40 people numbered from 1 to 40. The chairs are set up in a line next to the stage. The Terrace area also has some seats for wheelchairs in rows 1 and 18.

Starlight Theatre concert seating chart

The inside of Cohen Stage House can fit around 460 people. It’s a smaller place that has comedies, family shows, and other things. It’s not too big or crowded. The indoor seating plan is less complicated than the outdoor theatre. It has two levels of seating: the Orchestra and the Balcony. The Orchestra level is the bottom floor, and you can see the stage well. The Balcony level is high up and a bit blocked from seeing the stage. The seats have numbers from left to right, and rows are 1 to 12. The theatre has some seats for wheelchairs and friend spots on both floors.

The Cohen Community Stage House is cooled or heated and has a top-of-the-line sound system. It also has an area with a bar and a place to buy things. The theatre’s website shows a clear seat map.

Starlight Theatre Kansas City seating chart

When picking your spots at Starlight Theatre, you need to think about some things, like what kind of event it is, how much it costs, the view, the sound quality, and comfort. Also, check if there will be bad weather or not. Here are some simple advice and suggestions for every part.

starlight theatre seating chart with seat numbers
  • Orchestra: This is the best place to watch and listen to the show or concert. But it is also the most pricey and packed. To get seats in the orchestra section, you should buy your tickets fast. Pick the center or front rows for the best time.
  • Plaza: This is a nice area to watch and listen to the show or concert, but it’s also cheaper and less busy than the seats in front. If you want to sit in the plaza section, pick seats in the middle or front rows for a great experience.
  • Terrace: This is a good place to see and hear the show or concert, but it’s cheaper and less crowded than the plaza section. If you want to sit in the terrace section, pick seats in the middle or front rows for a great experience.
  • Lawn: This is the cheapest and biggest area but it also has the worst sight and sound. If you want to sit in the grass area, make sure you bring chairs, blankets, and soft things for comfort. You need to also look at the weather forecast and wear clothes that are right for it because this part is open to the weather.
  • Indoor stage house: This is a good choice for watching and listening to a performance or concert in a cozy, weather-safe place. However indoor theatre is also less versatile and diverse compared to outdoor theatre. If you want to sit on the stage place, get your tickets fast. Pick seats in the orchestra area or front rows of the balcony for great enjoyment.

How to pick the best seat at the theatre

Picking the best spots at Starlight Theatre is all about what you like, how much money you have, and when it’s open. The following are the factors to consider when selecting your seats:

  • If you want to see the stage well, choose seats in the Plaza or Center parts of the outdoor theatre. Or pick ones in the Orchestra and Mezzanine sections for indoor stage houses. These seats are often the costliest, but they provide great views and closeness to the stage. Don’t sit in the Side area of the outdoor movie place or the Balcony part of the indoor playhouse. You may not see all or parts of what’s happening on stage.
  • If you want to have a nice and calm time, you should think about the seats in the Terrace section of the outdoor theatre or high-up sections Mezzanine and Balcony in indoor stage houses. These seats usually cost less, but they give more room for your legs and space. They are also not facing the weather and noise of outdoor theatre. But they are more distant from the stage and might not have as good sound and lighting effects.
  • If you need special help or a place for a wheelchair, contact the Starlight Theatre’s ticket office. They can give you the right seats. In all parts of the outdoor theatre and inside the hall, there are special spots for easy access. But they depend on who gets them first and may need a booking beforehand.
  • Look at the event page for the special show you want. The seating map might change based on which show it is. Some shows can have different parts, costs, or designs than the usual seating chart.
  • Consider your preferences and budget. Do you want to be near the stage or see more of the theatre? Do you want to sit in the middle or on the sides? How much do you want to pay for your Starlight Theater Broadway show tickets? These things will aid you in choosing the best seats at Starlight Theatre that fit you well.
  • Look at how much different seats cost and if they’re available on various websites like the Starlight Theatre official site, Ticketmaster, Seat Geek, or other ticket sellers. You may see different sales or lower prices on various websites. Or maybe tickets sold out on one site but still open on another.
  • Look at what other people wrote about their trips to Starlight Theatre and how they liked sitting in different parts. You can see scores and judgments on sites like, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google. These reviews and ratings can help you see good things and bad things about different seats, like what they see, how they sound, and how comfy it is. Even the service, too.

Where to know Starlight cinema ticket prices

You can get tickets for Starlight Theatre shows on the Internet, by phone, or in person. On the internet, you can buy tickets from Starlight Theatre’s official website. These sites let you see where seats are for every event and pick the ones you like in Starlight Cinema city theatres. You can also check costs and supplies from various websites and sellers.

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In person, you can go to the Starlight Theatre box office at 4600 Starlight Road, Kansas City, Missouri. zip code of starlight drive-in theatre and flea market is 64132 . The box office is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm during the season. You can get tickets straight from the office workers, and they give them to you right away. You can also look at the place and where people sit in person in Starlight Theatre seating chart Kansas City, MO.


Starlight Theatre is a cool spot to see live shows in Kansas City. You can find a Broadway musical, Starlight Theater concerts, comedies, or family shows at Starlight Theatre. But, before you get your tickets for the Starlight Theatre, you need to learn about where all the seats are and pick ones that meet what you want or like. This article has shown you a quick look at where the seats are in the Starlight Theatre or Starlight Theatre seating chart and some advice on how to pick the best seats. We hope you enjoy yourself at Starlight Theatre!

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