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Walter Kerr theatre seating Chart plan is the main thing before booking a ticket for any show. The Walter Kerr Theatre is an old Broadway spot that opened in 1921 as the Ritz Theatre. In 1990, it was renamed after the theatre critic Walter Kerr, who won a Pulitzer Prize. The theatre has put on a lot of famous plays like August Wilson’s Pittsburgh series, Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, and Bruce Springsteen’s single show. The present show is Hadestown, a musical about the Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Walter Kerr theatre seating plan

The Walter Kerr theatre seating capacity is 919 seats, divided into three levels: Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony. The seating plan is made to give the best sound and sight of the stage, but some seats might have not blocked viewing because of construction or setup. Here’s a short explanation of each level, along with some advice on picking the best seats at Walter Kerr Theatre for your money and what you like that’s why you should always check Walter Kerr theatre Seating Chart or Walter Kerr theatre Seating plan.

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Orchestra View of the Theatre

The Orchestra is the nearest and biggest part of the stage, with 521 places in 22 lines (A to V). This part gives the best close-up views of the show, mainly in the middle and front seats. But the Orchestra has some problems like no height, possible blockers from tall people in front of you and expensive tickets. The spaces in the Orchestra aren’t very big, and some of them do have not a lot of space for your legs.

The best places to sit in the Orchestra are rows E to L. They give a clear view of the stage without being too close or too far. The front seats (A to D) are also great, but they could be too near for some folks and might miss some of the happenings on the sides or backstage. The seats at the back (M to V) are cheaper, but you’re further away and your view of the stage isn’t as good. Also, they might be affected by something called an overhang from a place called the Mezzanine.

The Orchestra also has two Box areas on the sides of the stage, with 12 seats in each. These chairs are really near the stage, but they only see a little part of the show from the side. It’s not suggested for Hadestown unless you want a special and affordable view.

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Walter Kerr Theatre mezzanine view

The Mezzanine is on the second floor of the theatre with 330 seats in 12 rows (A to L). This part is found above the musicians, and it has a good height and angle. So, mostly you can see things without any problems or blockage. The Mezzanine gives a wider and even view of the show, especially in the middle and front seats. But the Mezzanine also has some problems like being far from the stage, having a lot of stairs, and not much space for legs.

Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart

Walter Kerr theatre seating chart

The Mezzanine seats cost a medium amount, going from $111 to $174 for normal shows and from $136 to $249 for special performances. They are a nice choice for people who like going to the theatre and want to see both the stage and the actors’ faces.

The best spots in the Walter Kerr Theatre mezzanine are in the middle rows, which give a nice outlook of the whole stage and all parts of the show. The seats in the first few rows (E to H) are also great, but they might be a bit off-center or not straight. The seats in the back rows (1 to L) cost less, but you’ll have a further and more limited view of the stage. Also, these seats might be affected by the big part hanging down from the upper section, known as the Balcony.

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Walter Kerr Theatre balcony view

The Walter Kerr theatre balcony is the third and top area of the theatre. It has 68 seats in four lines (A to D). This spot is up high above the Mezzanine, and it has a very steep slope. So, you can see almost everything clearly and without blocking your view.

The Balcony gives you a great view of the show, especially in the middle and front seats. But the Balcony also has some problems. These include being very far from the stage, having steep steps, and giving only a little space for your legs and a ceiling that is too low.

The best places to sit in the Balcony are in rows A and B, which give a pretty good view of the stage and show. The seats at the back (rows C and D) cost very little, but they are far from the stage with a limited view. They might also be affected by loud noises and bright lights.

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The Balcony has the cheapest tickets in the theatre, costing $61.50 to $111 for regular shows and $86.50 to $149 for special ones. But they also have the tightest look at the stage because of how steep it is and being far away. The seats are also quite small and give little space for your legs.

walter kerr theatre NY Tips

  • If you want to see the actor’s face and details, then the Orchestra is the best place for you. If you want to watch the dancing and setting of the show, you should sit in the Mezzanine. If you want to save cash and don’t care about a high, far view then the Balcony is the perfect spot for you.
  • The Walter Kerr Theatre has a small stage, so you won’t be too far from the action whatever seat you pick. But some places might have a not-so-good view or be blocked by the stage design or theatre structure. You can look at seat reviews and pictures on Seat Plan or Seat Geek to see what the real view looks like from each place.
  • The Walter Kerr Theatre doesn’t allow late people, so get there at least 15 minutes before the show begins. The playhouse also has a no-photos rule, so don’t attempt to take photos or videos during the act. You can take pictures before or after the show in the lobby or outside where the theatre is.
  • The Walter Kerr Theatre doesn’t have a place to check your coats or buy snacks, so think in advance. The bathrooms are on the Orchestra and Mezzanine levels, but they’re tiny and usually full. There are also drinking fountains on both floors, but they might not work right.
  • The Walter Kerr Theatre is at 219 West 48th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. The closest train stations are 49th Street (N, R, W) and 50th Street. There are also some bus stops near the theatre. You can learn more about where the theatre is and how to get there on Broadway Scene.
  • The Walter Kerr Theatre is owned and operated by Jujamcyn Theatres, which also owns four other Broadway theatres: the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, the August Wilson Theatre, the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, and the St. James Theatre are all places where plays can be watched. On the official website, you can learn more about the theatre’s history and upcoming events.


The Walter Kerr Theatre is a pretty old-fashioned place that lets you choose where to sit depending on how much money you have and what makes you happy. The seating chart is quite simple and easy to use, but it’s important to see the views and read reviews before buying your tickets. You can use the 3-D interactive Broadway seating chart or the Seat Geek seat map to get a better clue about each chair. You can also get tickets from different places like the official site, Tick Pick, or Seat Plan. No matter where you are, the show and feeling of Walter Kerr Theatre are sure to enjoy and don’t forget to check Walter Kerr theatre Seating Chart before booking a ticket.


where is the Walter Kerr theatre

The Walter Kerr Theatre is a big theatre on Broadway. It’s at 219 West 48th Street in the middle of Manhattan, New York City.

what’s playing at the Walter Kerr theatre

Now, at the Walter Kerr Theatre, they’re putting on a show called Hadestown. It’s a musical about Orpheus and Eurydice from ancient Greece. The show got eight Tony Awards in 2019, including Best Musical.

Where to eat near Walter Kerr theatre

There are many food places close to the Walter Kerr Theatre like Sardi’s, Carmine’s, Joe Allen, and Becco. You can also find quick meal choices like Shake Shack, Chipotle, and Pret A-Manger.

How Big is The Walter Kerr theatre

The Walter Kerr Theatre can hold 975 people, which makes it one of the smaller Broadway theatres. The theatre has two levels: the orchestra and the mezzanine.

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